Equip'Hotel 2022

04.05.2021 - Reading time
2 min

Equip’Hotel is the ultimate platform for the hospitality and catering industry. The trade show also acts as a source of inspiration for the entire industry. As many as 81 per cent of visitors come with the aim of discovering new products and innovations. The event, which takes place in Paris, features more than 1,200 individual businesses over a five-day period. Equip’Hotel usually attracts more than 110,000 professionals, including hotel and restaurant owners, architects, designers and service providers. 


In 2020, we were lucky to be awarded the ‘Innovation Award’ for our brand new Prostor P8 parasol. The P8 outperformed in the ‘Design Wellbeing’ category with its patented Easy Opening System, which allows you to open the monster parasol with just one finger. It was not an innovation to evade the notice of the Equip’Hotel organisation.

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You can look forward to seeing us again at Equip’Hotel 2022. Find us in the ‘OUTDOOR FURNITURE’ hall and discover our innovations. You’ll be surprised by our innovative additions to the parasol range. You can also learn more about out our firm favourites and get to know our enthusiastic team.