Prostor P7 - Side Pole Parasol

A parasol with a single mast but maximum flexibility? The Prostor P7 rotates up to 300° to create shade wherever it’s needed. Manual operation is extremely straightforward with the ‘One Move System’, allowing you to open and close the parasol with minimal effort. The stainless-steel gas spring ensures a unique level of ease. Want to mount your parasol to the wall? You can do that with the Prostor P7 thanks to its rotating wall bracket.
Prostor P7 Side pole parasol
Prostor P7 Side pole parasol Prostor P7 Side pole parasol Prostor P7 Side pole parasol Prostor P7 Side pole parasol Prostor P7 Side pole parasol Prostor P7 vrijhangende parasol 7

Product specifications

Single parasol with manual operation. The integrated rotating element allows you to benefit form the shade at each time of the day

  • Forms: Round or square
  • Fixation: Steelbase, floorplate or groundanchor.
  • Operation: Manual 
  • Advantages: Rotates 300°, featherlight operation, multifunctional shade solutions, very durable





Prostor specificatie grondanker


Steel base 80 x 80 x 12 cm

Steel base 80 x 80 x 12 cm

Steel base 100 x 100 x 10 cm

Prostor specificatie vloerplaat 2

Floorplate 70 x 70 cm

prostor specificatie vloerplaat 1

Floorplate 70 x 50 cm


Grey textured coating

RAL 9007

Prostor P7 specificatie afwerking witte structuurlak

White textured coating

RAL 9016

Prostor P7 specificatie afwerking zwarte structuurlak

Black textured coating

RAL 9005

Prostor P7 specificatie afwerking Koper


Copper tint anodization


Technical specifications of the fabric

Standard:  290 g/m²
Premium: 320 g/m²

Standaard:  >300mm
Premium: >360mm 

UV Protection
Standard: >95%
Premium: >97,5%

Acryl 100% Dyed in the mass
ACRYL 100% Dyed in the mass
Colourfast std. ISO 105 B04
Colourfast (Std ISO 105 B04)
5-Year warranty
5-Year warranty
Free of harmful substances
Free of harmful substances
Skin Cancer Foundation
Recommended by SCF

Available colours

A colourful range of choice for shedloads of shade fun.


Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Natural White

Natural White

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl white sand

White Sand

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl butter cup

Butter Cup

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl terra cotta

Terra Cotta

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Paris Red

Paris Red

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl lead grey

Lead Grey

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Taupe


Prostor specificatie kleur acryl carbon grey

Carbon Grey

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Night Blue

Night Blue

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Black Widow

Black Widow

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Olive Green

Olive Green


Prostor specificatie kleur acryl Premium Tweed Shell

Tweed Shell

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl premium Tweed Toast

Tweed Toast

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl premium Tweed Grey

Tweed Grey

Prostor specificatie kleur acryl premium Tweed Black

Tweed Black

Prostor specificatie 24V led


The 24V Leds (with remote control) are beautifully integrated into the parasol and can be fully dimmed.

Prostor specificatie RGB led


Our RGB LED 24 V allows you to create a specific atmosphere on your terrace. You can choose the desired colour and configuration via the remote control. The RGB LED is also dimmable.

Elektrische IR verwarming

IP X5: volledig beschermd tegen regen en waterstralen.

Prostor P7 specificatie stopcontact


The socket is mounted on the pole.

Prostor specificatie beschermhoes deluxe

Deluxe protection cover

The waterproof protection cover deluxe protects your parasol against all weather conditions. This cover is a mass dyed surlast cloth in grey or black.

Prostor specificatie zwenkwieltjes

Swivel wheels

Move your parasol effortlessly thanks to the castors with brake.

Prostor specificatie bedrukking

Printing of parasol cloth

Personalise your parasol with your own logo.

Prostor specificatie herstel kit

Repair Kit

A unique transparent repair product that seals small tears/holes in the fabric.

Prostor specificatie Prostor Guard

Prostor GUARD

Protects against stains/contamination and is water-repellent.

Prostor specificatie Prostor Clean

Prostor CLEAN

Removes stains and odours on the parasol cloth.