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With years of experience and outstanding quality from Prostor, our outdoor umbrellas achieve their full potential on any patio.

Our modern parasols come in various models and configurations. Prostor offers a wide range of square cantilever umbrellas, as well as round and rectangular outdoor patio umbrellas. Whether you opt for a center pole parasol, a cantilever umbrella or a wall-mounted parasol, a Prostor outdoor umbrella gives you optimal protection from sun and rain, however your space is configured.

Customize your outdoor umbrella to suit your needs with a wide range of umbrella options: determine the finish and colour of the fabric, add heating or LED lighting to your parasol.

High-quality Belgian-made parasols since 2003

A stylish outdoor umbrella tailored
to your needs in 3 easy steps

A quality patio umbrella has become indispensable if you want to enjoy sunny days to the fullest. Did you know that a parasol retains the heat and allows you to enjoy your favorite spot in the garden in the evening? Prostor outdoor umbrellas combine a stylish design with high quality materials and user-friendly functionality. The patio parasols are easy to use by anyone: simply open and close. Find out all you need to know about choosing your perfect patio umbrella:

Know your shadow desire

The first step towards the perfect patio umbrella is to determine the shade that you want to create. Is shade above your dining table or lounger enough? Or perhaps you’d prefer shade over the entire patio? 

Maybe you need a combination of sun and shade? If so, the multifunctional Prostor P6 cantilever umbrella offers a unique solution that allows you create a shaded area of between 6 m² and 38 m² with just one large patio umbrella.

Prostor has the perfect shading solution to suit every need! 

Prostor P6 Side Pole Umbrella


The most familiar parasol is undoubtedly the traditional freestanding parasol with a central mast. But perhaps a cantilever umbrella (or floating parasol) is more suitable for your needs? With this type, the base is positioned adjacent to the table, so you won’t feel that the mast is in the way. In addition, you can also rotate the parasol 300° around its axis (only with the Prostor P7 cantilever umbrella). This allows you to retain the sun throughout the day, whatever position it may be in.

Perhaps your patio is more suited to a wall-mounted cantilever umbrella with telescopic arm. This outdoor umbrella gives you the flexibility to shelter from the sun all day long. You can also choose the shape of this cantilever umbrella to match your needs: round, rectangular or a square patio umbrella. We also offer a range of small umbrellas with a diameter starting at 2,7m (8,85 ft), and larger parasols at 4,2m (13,78 ft) across.

You can also opt for configurations that allow you to have as many as four of the frames open at the same time. In a nutshell, we have a solution for every shade requirement.

Prostor p8 Center Pole Umbrella


Customize your parasol to suit your needs.

Want to enjoy your outdoor umbrella as much as possible, whatever the season? If so, we can also equip your parasol with heating. Rain gutters between the parasols? No problem at all! And if you want to go on enjoying your parasol late into the evening, our parasol with LED lighting is the perfect choice.

Perhaps red is your favorite colour? Or maybe you prefer the shade from a blue canvas beach umbrella? Either way, the options are varied. The decision is yours.

We can customize your commercial umbrella with your logo and corporate style. Stand out with a personalized umbrella.

Prostor Umbrella Customization

Discover our 2024 collection

Want to browse through our wide selection of parasols? Our 2024 collection catalogue has all the inspiration that you need: freestanding parasols, cantilever parasols and wall-mounted parasols. 

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