Prostor P4 - Wall-mounted parasol

Looking for a wall-mounted parasol for use on your patio or in your garden? The Prostor P4 is the cousin to our Prostor P3, but comes with some unique features – it can be locked at a 45° angle so that it’s easier to open. This helps to ensure maximum ease of use. Like the P3, the Prostor P4 parasol can pivot and tilt by up to 10° to create the perfect shade for your needs.
Prostor P4 Wall-mounted parasol
Prostor P4 Wall-mounted parasol Prostor P4 Wall-mounted parasol Prostor P4 muurparasol

Product specifications

The perfect private parasol. Telescopic arm of 1.40 m to 1.80 m that can swing horizontally. Can be locked horizontally, vertically and at 45°. Integrated gas pressure spring to compensate for weight.

  • Forms: Round
  • Fixation: Wall bracket
  • Operation: Manual in 4 steps
  • Advantages: Simplicity in design and operation, No loss of space (pole/base), tiltable - Ideal for private use

Prostor P4

Prostor P4 specificatie afmetingen
Prostor P4 specificatie bevestiging muurbeugel

Wall bracket

Prostor P4 specificatie afwerkiing geanodiseerd aluminium

Geanodiseerd aluminium


Technical specifications of the fabric

OLEFIN 100% solution-dyed
OLEFIN 100% solution-dyed
>97,5% UV Protection
>97,5% UV Protection
Colourfast std. ISO 105 B04
Colourfast (Std ISO 105 B04)
Weight 190 g/m²
Prostor specification 2 year warranty
2 Year warranty
Free of harmful substances
Free of harmful substances

Available colours

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin Natural White

Natural White

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin White Sand

White Sand

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin Butter Cup

Butter Cup

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin bitter orange

Bitter Orange

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta

Prostor specificatie kleur Olefin Traffic Red

Traffic Red

Prostor specificatie kleur olefin Platinum Grey

Platinum Grey

Prostor specificatie kleur olefin Carbon Grey

Carbon Grey

Prostor specificatie kleur olefin Taupe


Prostor specificatie kleur olefin Denim Blue

Denim Blue

Prostor specificatie kleur olefin black widow

Black Widow

Prostor specificatie kleur olefin Leaf Green

Leaf Green

Prostor P3 specificatie standaard beschermhoes

Protection Cover

Protective cover to make your parasol last even longer. (Included)

Prostor specificatie Prostor Clean

Prostor CLEAN

Removes stains and odours on the parasol cloth.

Prostor specificatie Prostor Guard

Prostor GUARD

Protects against stains/contamination and is water-repellent.

Prostor specificatie herstel kit

Repair Kit

A unique transparent repair product that seals small tears/holes in the fabric.