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Your ideal garden parasol in three easy steps

A high-quality parasol has become an indispensable item for optimally enjoying sunny weather in your garden. Did you know that a parasol also retains heat so that you will be able to enjoy your favourite spot in the garden in the evening as well? Prostor parasols combine a stylish design with outstanding-quality materials and user-friendly functionality. Our parasols are easy to use for everyone: easy opening and closing. Discover everything you need to know about selecting the perfect parasol for your garden right here.

1) Know how much shade you want: do you need a table parasol, a garden parasol or terrace parasol?

The first step to take in finding the ideal parasol for your outdoor area depends on where you want to create shade. Is just a little shade above your table all you need? Or would you like to have your entire terrace or patio shaded? Or just your lounge chair? Our P3, P4 and P50 parasols are ideally suited to creating smaller areas of shade (approx. 6m²). However, if you wish to provide an area of approximately 15m² with shade, you should opt for our P7 model. To create even more shade, we recommend our P6 model, which can create 15 to 40m² up shade per unit. Several P6 modules can be linked to one another for infinite comfort in the shade. There is no limit to the possibilities thanks to Prostor parasols! Tip! The options and available dimensions of the Prostor P6 parasol are extensive and therefore suited to almost every outdoor area and requirement. Apart from this, it is important to know if you would like a fixed area to be provided with shade or prefer a parasol that can be moved about as you wish. If your parasol will have a permanent position it can be installed with a ground anchor, for example.

2) Floating parasol, standing parasol or wall-mounted parasol?

The most commonly used type of parasol is, without a doubt, the traditional free-standing parasol. Or do you prefer a freely suspended or floating parasol? These parasols are mounted on a pedestal that can be placed next to your table. The fabric can be rotated to create more shade, depending on the position of the sun. Alternatively, you can opt for a wall-mounted parasol with a telescopic arm. In addition to this, you can choose the shape that is best suited for your terrace. Will it be round or square? We offer a wide range of sizes, starting with smaller parasols with a diameter from 2.7m upwards to extra-large parasols whose diameter spans 4.2m. You can also add an extra module to create even more shade. Tip! If you opt for our P7 parasol, this is one that can rotate up to 300°. This means that you can be assured of shade at every moment of the day with just one parasol. One, two, three or four of our P6 parasols can be mounted on one and the same mast.

3) Personalise your parasol

The last step is to choose the colour, fabric and finish of your parasol. Cosy LED lighting that will enable you to remain outside longer in the evening, heating elements and a rain gutter to link various parasols will make the picture complete. All the fabrics used in our parasols can be washed and are easy to replace. They can also be protected by means of a parasol cover to extend their useful life. These offer a considerable ease of use. There, you are now perfectly prepared to purchase a parasol and to start enjoying it. Prostor distributes its parasols via recognised dealers. View our extensive product range here, or ask us your question today via our contact form. We will be happy to bring you into contact with one of our professional dealers.
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