Hasselt opts for the P6 parasol

02.02.2022 - Reading time
20 sec.

Looking for some of that sense of ‘wow’?

The town of Hasselt opted for the high-quality Prostor P6 parasol to support its local catering industry. With infrared heating and dimmable LED lighting, Hasselt’s residents and visitors can enjoy outdoor life even on the coldest of winter evenings.

The Prostor P6 comes with the patented One Move System, which makes it easier to open and close the parasol. Its ease of use makes the P6 parasol the ideal model for catering settings the hospitality industry.

Most importantly, enjoy:

Prostor P6 markt Hasselt 3
Prostor P6 blog markt Hasselt 1
Prostor P6 blog markt Hasselt 2