Enjoy your Prostor Parasol all year round

21.09.2022 - Reading time
2 min

Summer is something you make yourself. It's an age-old cliche but there's a lot of truth in every cliche. Who says you can only enjoy your Prostor parasol in the summer? We would like to highlight some of our parasol accessories to extend your summer, with or without sun:

Parasol Rain Gutter

A zip-off rain gutter that you can attach between the individual parasols, you say? Right! You can easily and quickly attach the rain gutter without tools and ensure that your terrace is spared from the worst of the rain. Something your guests will certainly appreciate!

PROSTOR Rain Gutter

Parasol heating

Enjoying a beautiful sunset is great, but afterwards it gets a bit chilly. No more fleece blankets to keep your guests warm, thanks to the electric infrared heater your terrace is bathed in a warm glow. Ideal for cool late summer evenings or lovely autumn days. Turn up the heat!

Prostor Parasol Heating

Parasol Lights

When the sun sets, the Prostor parasol led lighting comes to the rescue. We offer a choice of integrated RGB LED or standard LED lighting. Both systems can be switched on and off with a handy remote control and provide the right atmosphere on those days when the sun goes to sleep earlier. And the night? That lasts as long as you want it to....

Parasol Led Lighting

Protect your parasol

The fabric of your Prostor parasol is water-repellent and anti-mould. So they are made to last. To enjoy your parasol even longer, the waterproof parasol protection cover deluxe offers protection against all weather conditions. The maintenance product Prostor Guard is the way to keep your parasol fabric clean. In addition to the protection function, the Prostor Guard also keeps the fabric water-repellent.

So don't just limit yourself to the Indian Summer to enjoy your Prostor after summer. Thanks to our extensive range of accessories, you can make the summer all by yourself. Questions or need some advice to make your summer last as long as possible? Then get in touch, we love to make the sun shine for you!